Have you booked a virtual healthcare appointment? Prepare yourself with this!

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  • by Meiracare
  • Sep 14, 2021

Have you booked a virtual healthcare appointment? Prepare yourself with this!

Opting for virtual healthcare might make you feel excited and nervous both at the same time! Well, we understand trying a new concept for your health is full of mixed emotions, and it’s completely normal. What matters is how you can enjoy your journey and decision of shifting from offline medical checkups to telehealth i.e. virtual healthcare checkups.

There are a lot of speculations going about whether the concept of telehealth is suitable for everyone or not, whether one should completely rely on it or not, and so on but despite all these speculations a large number of patients choose to rely on this relatively new concept.

There are several reasons behind believing in this concept and the benefits of virtual healthcare are undeniable, therefore patients gradually prefer it over the traditional healthcare routine.

Picture this; If Jack wants a follow-up check-up; he has two options:

1. He can either go out physically, drive a car, bear the petrol/diesel expenses, wait in the waiting area for his turn to come, meet the doctor, and then request the doctor to conduct his follow-up check-up.


2. He can switch to telehealth, book an appointment online on the date of his choice and sit on his sofa and wait for the doctor’s video call, and can conduct a follow-up check-up on video calls.

Isn’t Jack’s choice obvious? Opting for the second option will make the entire check-up process easy and convenient.

Knowing the benefits of virtual health care will make the choice easy but since the first-time experience is always different so get prepared for the first-time experience we have listed a few points for patients to keep in mind!

1. Know Your Doctor:

Just as a doctor needs to know about his patients and only then can he diagnose them properly and accurately? It is a two-way process!

At some level, even patients need to know about the doctor, how they treat their patients, the area of his expertise, and another factor which shall be of patient’s concern.

It is all happening online in virtual healthcare, therefore to set a comfort level between doctors and patients it is important to have a kind of repo between both of them.

2. Don’t hesitate to share and ask:

A lot of times it happens that patients are shy or they are suffering from a kind of problem which is rare so in that case, they feel hesitant to share their problems. If you feel that while conducting a video call of virtual healthcare, you are surrounded by your family members or other people and you will not be comfortable in sharing your problems, The best way is to conduct a video call when you are either alone or find a corner wherein you can sit alone (preferably) so that you can share your concerns easily and comfortably.

3. Know the process: Since you are trying the concept of telehealth for the first time, you might be curious or a little bit nervous about exploring it and experiencing it. So if you know the process in advance, your mind will be prepared for it and will act accordingly. It is just like facing an exam with preparation. If you know about the subject well in advance, it is easy to appear for the exam!


Virtual care allows convenient, out of clinic access to Medical Professionals for all your healthcare needs. Seeing patients remotely allows our virtual clinic to work more efficiently and effectively, allowing more patients to receive care. Virtual

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