How to Choose a Reliable HR and Payroll Management Software in Malaysia?

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  • by friendhrm
  • Aug 6, 2021

How to Choose a Reliable HR and Payroll Management Software in Malaysia?

Human resource is one of the most important and tangible assets of an organization which if properly utilized can become instrumental in the elevation of the company. Maintaining the employee records manually, planning strategies for fruitful utilization of the Human Resources as well as acting as a bridge between the employer and employee requires patience and shuffling between the duties is a mammoth task to handle. While more than half of the employees are working from home in Malaysia currently due to the pandemic, the need for trustworthy and easy to use Payroll Software in Malaysia is soaring. The made in Malaysia software FriendHRM is one such application gaining quick popularity among the HR managers of Malaysia. Here are some benefits of using it:
· Indigenous: Being a Made in Malaysia software, it has been designed specifically keeping in mind the regular needs of the Human Resources Manages in Malaysia. Organizations in every nation have their way of operating. The tactics implied depends much on the geographical facets of where an organization is located. FriendHRM, a free online app for Malaysia, published by Prometheus Tech can be used to manage the employees in small, medium and big organizations effectively.
· Cost-Effective: The cloud-based Payroll and HR management Software, FriendHRM has lucrative packages befitting the needs and budget of every organization. If you are a start-up and have up to 5 employees, you can use this HR and Payroll Software in Malaysia for free and enjoy the benefits like Leave management and automated Payroll. The complete package costs only 10 dollars and you can enjoy a plethora of benefits including one centralized HRMS software and complete payroll software in Malaysia.
· Multiple Features: The Payroll and HR Management Software, FriendHRM offers a glut of features at a very nominal rate and a user-friendly interface comprising Payroll Management, maintaining a track of an Employee Life Cycle, Leave Management, maintaining Employee On-boarding, Travel Management, maintaining an automated record of Employee Attendance as well as cloud benefits.
· Excellent Customer Assistance: A free online app for Malaysia, the FriendHRM offers you excellent 24/7 customer support and a hands-on vivid yet lucid demonstration on how to use the software and operate it. What is better than getting a prompt reply to your queries?
It is quintessential to maintain transparency in an organization and utilize human resources to the fullest. The HR and Payroll Software in Malaysia, FriendHRM lets you sagaciously execute your job as an HR Manager. Explore for a full list of benefits and enhance your HR operations by 10 times and Payroll operations by 8 times now!!!


FriendHRM simplifies the way you keep, track and manage your HR information and payroll processes, along with improving your HR operational visibility and agility. Personal info, directory, company news and more are just a fingertap away.

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