Perks of Virtual Medical Clinic are making the lives of patients easy

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  • by Meiracare
  • Aug 9, 2021

Perks of Virtual Medical Clinic are making the lives of patients easy

Whether Covid-19 or not, who wouldn’t like to get treated from the comfort of their home? This entire idea of remote treatment is considered as Virtual Medical Clinic or to be more precise it is coined as virtual telehealth. Just as the name suggests Virtual Medical Clinic simply means that all your health issues are addressed via video call or video conference by doctors and patients need not visit the hospital (at least not for the initial diagnosis).

Virtual telehealth is a relatively new concept but quick acceptance of this concept will soon make it a new normal – says the statistics! If the data is considered, in the first quarter of 2020, the total venture capital received by Telemedicine skyrocketed to $788 million. A leap of more than 200% in comparison to 2019.

Aren’t you amazed by these numbers? Numbers don’t lie! The question here is what makes the concept of virtual telehealth so acceptable or so relevant?

Let’s quickly have a glance at why people believe that virtual medical clinic is a promising venture!

– Makes the life of the Patient Easier:

Picture This:

You are rushing from home to hospital, waiting for hours to meet the doctor, spending time in stress for getting a doctor’s consultation.

Leave these all to the imagination, because with virtual telehealth consulting doctors begin with a click, yes just with a click!

The entire concept of a virtual medical clinic creates a win-win situation for both; patient and doctor. Doctors can give quick attention to patients anytime, anywhere, and similarly, patients can get quick medical help anytime, anywhere from the doctor they trust.

And it goes without saying that any concept which makes the life of a layman easy has a promising future!



– Appointment at Convenience:

Virtual telehealth keeps the features of ‘convenience’, patients and doctors both can manage their schedules more flexibly rather than having to adhere to a strict schedule at the clinic. It is majorly done via video call, hence it becomes easier for the patient and doctor to stay available at the given time, it also helps doctors to manage their schedule easily.

The best part is patients can schedule their appointment just with their phone, or by browsing on the website. It’s simple, easy, and quick.

– Quick and Affordable:

Virtual Medical clinics can be way more affordable as compared to offline health checkups not only in terms of money but also in terms of time. From booking an appointment to getting reports everything can be done online without physically moving out of your home. It saves the time and cost of visiting the hospital and waiting there. Also, the accessibility to consult a doctor is easy and quick.

– Bridging the Gap between Doctors and Patients:

According to NRHA, certain areas have less than 40 doctors for 100,000 people. It is undeniable that in such areas it is extremely difficult to physically reach and connect with patients. Virtual Medical Clinic is the perfect way to bridge the gap between doctors and patients in such areas, in a nutshell; virtual telehealth serves as the lifeline for patients in certain areas. Doctors and patients from across the globe can consult easily.

Summing Up:

With some great features like Video & Chat Communication, Management Services, Digital Prescriptions, Budget-Friendly options Virtual Medical Clinic has made the lives of patients easy. Wondering where to find a reliable virtual telehealth service provider? We have already mentioned the best, check their website to know more! 


Virtual care allows convenient, out of clinic access to Medical Professionals for all your healthcare needs. Seeing patients remotely allows our virtual clinic to work more efficiently and effectively, allowing more patients to receive care. Virtual

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