What to expect when you travel in the covid era? Be travel ready!

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  • by medcare01
  • Sep 23, 2021

What to expect when you travel in the covid era? Be travel ready!

Woooh!!! Vacation plans on the board?

Discussing the vacation plan itself gives a different kind of satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words, that cheeriness of flying free, the excitement of getting a break, enjoying being lazy, being fun, and more importantly just being you!

Did reading this made you smile? We are not exaggerating if we say ‘Vacation’ is a one-word definition of happiness for most people!

In 2021, and the years followed by it to explore this happiness, one has to follow certain norms and rules that ensure the safety of the travelers and passengers.

Only if you know those rules, then you can be travel-ready. Otherwise, you’ll reach a certain location unaware of the rules and will end up tangling all your holidays and it will be a mood spoiler. So the best way to make the most out of your holiday is to know the rules, stay abided by the rules and enjoy the holidays within that frame!

When we say ‘rules’ a lot of people fear them and think that they will be under the constant stress of following the norms. But it’s all psychological, you need to prepare your mind and that’s it, you are sorted! You’ll be able to follow rules in no time without any kind of stress. After all, rules are meant for the protection and security of an individual.

There are several rules, each state followed by each country has their own specific rules about post covid tourism but there are certain common rules which bind all the travelers. So, let’s take a look at generic rules made for traveling.

Carry Covid Test for Travel:

We know there is no point in taking the test if you don’t have any symptoms but the place that you are traveling to needs to know that you are safe and allowing you to their place will be a safe decision too. So for that case you need to take the instant covid test. It will help you to travel without any barriers and show the certificate whenever required.

Keep up with all the precautions:

Your duty and responsibility don’t end with a covid test for travel, you need to keep all the precautions in mind and practice it. Whether it is about wearing a double mask or it is about maintaining social distancing – keep everything in mind and be cautious.

Missing out on any of the precautions might be harmful, prevention is always better than cure.

No matter where you are traveling but along with carrying an instant covid test report does follow all the rules about it.

Take a physical copy of the report:

A lot of travelers carry the digital or e-copy of the covid report but while coding covid test for travel you should ask the laboratory person to give you a physical copy of the report and if they are not providing a paper copy of the report, you can take out the print of instant covid test report.

When you carry a paper report you can easily show it to the officials, also if they want you to submit a copy of the report you can give that copy for records. 


MedCare Diagnostics will only provide PCR COVID-19 testing in Brampton and PCR COVID-19 testing in Niagara Falls to asymptomatic patients. Patients experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 will not be eligible for testing.

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