Private And Policy

As an iWebPoint user, it’s your right to know how iWebPoint collects your data and uses it.

We want to share with you why and how iWebPoint collects, shares, and uses information about your online activities when you use different sites, widgets, mobile apps, and several other online services and products, also when you interact with others on iWebPoint or receive information from the website. This privacy policy remains unchanged for all of iWebPoint’s services. Stay informed about the privacy policy of iWebPoint.

Information every user provides iWebPoint-

1. Account information: If you create an account on iWebPoint, you will have to choose a user name and a unique password. Your user name will be visible to others, and there is no rule to use your own name as the username. You may also offer other details about yourself to complete the creation of your profile. Such details include an email address, profile picture, and a bio. The app also stores your settings and preferences related to the user account.

2. Content submitted by you: We collect whatever content you submit on your own to the ‘Services’ page. Your posts, comments on posts, saved videos and drafts, shared posts, and your private chats fall under this category. So, your content can be in the form of text, images, gifs, videos, and links.

3. Transactional information: If you buy services or products from us, we will gather specific details from you, including address, name, email address, etc., and also information about those services or products.

4. Actions you perform: iWebPoint also stores information about actions performed by you on our website. Some such examples are voting, hiding, saving, and reporting any content. We also collect your communications with other users (like following, blocking, and texting).

5. Other details: You may also give other information to the company. For instance, when you fill a form or decide to participate in any iWebPoint-sponsored events like applying for a specific job or seeking customer support. In such cases, we get access to those details.

Information iWebPoint collects automatically-

1. Usage and log data: This can include your browser type, IP address, referral URLs, device information, device settings, user-agent string, pages visited, searched terms, and links clicked. Other than the IP address used for opening your account, iWebPoint deletes other IP addresses after 100 days.

2. Location information: We may gather and process info about your location. With your consent, we may know the location of your Android phone (with the help of Bluetooth or GPS)

3. Information accumulated from cookies: iWebPoint may also receive information about your online activities from cookies, which are small pieces of data that your browser saves and sends back to the site. iWebPoint makes use of this information to enhance your experience, fathom user activity, customize ads and content, and offer superior quality services. For example, we store information about the language you prefer.

Information gathered from Advertisers:

If you use iWebPoint ads, we get some extra information about you. To sign up, you have to enter your name and email address. You also need to share transactional information and some other documents for identity verification.

Information given by Third Parties

These include embedded content, audience measurement, and programmatic ads.

iWebPoint uses and needs information about its users to:

  • Offer, maintain, and better the services
  • Research and introduce novel services
  • Send its users technical notices, security alerts, updates, invoices, as well as other administrative and support messages
  • Analyze and monitor trends, activities, usage in connection to our services
  • Protect the security and safety of users as well as the company (such as blocking spammers and addressing abuse of any nature)
  • Provide satisfactory customer service
  • Judge the effectiveness and relevance of ads shown on our ‘Services.’
  • Communicate with users about services, products, promotions, events, and offers and share other information and news we deem will interest each user

Much of the ‘Service’ details are accessible to all, even by people who do not have an account on iWebPoint. When you share any type of content (post, chat message, and comment) to any public section of the ‘Services,’ users or visitors will be able to view the content.

How does iWebPoint protect user information?

iWebPoint takes safety measures to protect information about every single user and rule out chances of theft, misuse, alteration, destruction, disclosure, and loss of data. We use HTTPS during the transmission of information. We also enforce administrative and technical access to control monitoring which our employees can handle nonpublic sensitive data about our users. We store the information we gather as long as it is useful. We may store certain information for a longer period for business purposes, abiding by the law.

You also get to decide how to limit and protect the sharing of information about you.